Intention (noun) – to have something in mind as a plan or purpose.

Manifestation (noun) – an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something.

Intention and manifestation have been wellness buzzwords of 2018 and have served as the source of most of those “long post alert” IG captions. It seems as though people have really been putting sh*t into the Universe and making sh*t happen this year. But before you roll your eyes at us ”Universe praising Millennials”, we must acknowledge that there’s something to be said about the power of putting consciousness behind your thoughts – intention – and calling upon the Universe for guidance through practicing positive thoughts which are later returned to you when you’re ready to receive them – manifestation. If you follow me on social media – @fitandfullbykayla plug – OBVIOUSLY I’m all for manifestation but not in the hopes that the Universe hears my wishes for Mr. tall, dark, and handsome with the brain of an MIT student and the smile that brings you to your knees — too much? Haha. The positive psychology intention and manifestation creates and the positive behaviors it reinforces is what really piques my interest; actively training your mind to see the silver lining in every situation. I must note this doesn’t mean I don’t think some situations just outright suck or lie to myself to forego any responsibility of how my current actions impact my future but what it does mean is I am always looking for the lesson in every situation. Secret Time: (Any Bert Kreischer fans out there?? If you’re not familiar, check out his special on Netflix. He’s HILARIOUS.) During this somewhat transitional time, there are a few things I’ve been manifesting and aiming to pursue with intent: Master. Mission. Mate.

MASTER: Religion is a topic I typically avoid but I have to acknowledge my recent lack of connection to a higher power has left me feeling somewhat in spiritual limbo. Not that I’m looking for answers or need religion to feel whole; the recognition and appreciation of happenings truly out of my control is a relationship that’s always made me feel centered and has given me a sense of being.

MISSION: Ah, the never-ending search to the age-old question, “Why am I here?”. Throughout the course of this past year, I feel as though I’ve successfully identified my purpose, my passions, and actively removed myself from people and activities that don’t align with my values but I’ve yet to pinpoint my mission. I still question where do my gifts, talents, and passion intersect with my passions to serve a world need (one of my favorite Aristotle quotes). This is not to say I’m looking for some big sign but I think I may have slipped into a clouded space that’s keeping me from seeing obvious signs. Transition always seems to cause some degree of fog, so perhaps that’s where I am right now. Navigating a fog versus enduring a spin.

MATE: I haven’t necessarily been manifesting my perfect mate but rather, meeting individuals who align with my values and vibrate at my same frequency. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized exactly what that frequency entails: no drama, no gossip, high self-awareness, and genuine selflessness. I’m not going to say there are more people who actively engage in the high/low ends of any of those points but it’s harder than one would think to find individuals who vibrate at a similar frequency; friendship or romantic. Couple that which the fact that I’m a proud introvert by nature, I prefer one-on-one environments versus crowds. Sorry Chicago girl gangs, still not sold – and enjoy getting to know someone on a personal level. So I suppose Mr. Mate and I will bump into one another – let’s be real, I’ll probably CRASH into him as I’m really aggressive when I turn corners – at a casual Trader Joe’s run or we’ll reach for the same dumbbell at the gym. Corny, unlikely, but I’m a romantic a heart! While we’re on the topic, I’ve always loved the idea of soulmates BUT I think it’s unfair to the Universe and ourselves to think we just have one. I think we have multiple souls we connect with depending where we are in life which may foster a crazy, deep connection to serve the most intimate, delicate, parts of our soul who help us see our true selves and experience crazy growth in that season. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the one” we’re supposed to spend the rest of our lives with. It’s important that as we move through life we recognize and enjoy the addictive energy that’s created but have the clarity to recognize when that person’s vibrations no longer match our pattern otherwise, we risk the possibility of meeting the next soulmate who is sitting exactly where we are and might be the perfect match to take on life’s journey!

Be light. Be love.

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