New Year, Same Me

GOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Does anyone else watch international soccer just to hear the announcer SCREAM “goal” with literally a thousand O’s? No? Alright, well, you’re missing out..and aside from the plural of this word, this is completely irrelevant to my post but I’ve reached the point where I’m very comfortable in my writing voice and y’all are now going to see the real side of me, and it’s weird. SO! It’s hard to believe we are already two days into 2019 – SHEESH – and leading up to the 1st, everyone has been vomiting their goals all over social media – we get it, y’all got big sh*t planned and need to let strangers know to hold you accountable and I’ll be honest, so do I! By verbally sharing my #100MilesofSummer run challenge, my sense of accountability and commitment was certainly strengthened and I’m so glad I had all of you to support my journey!

2018 was an interesting year, to say the least. The amount of spiritual and emotional growth I experienced has greatly impacted the way I perceive the world around me and handle my emotions. Although not perfect, I know 2019 is going to be filled with some more badass moments and, again, I’ll share what I’m cooking up with all of you as a way to put words into action and let the Universe take hold. Let’s do this!

2019 Goals – When setting goals, it’s REALLY important to make S.M.A.R.T goals (ugh, I know…sounds like your annual review). Simply saying you want to accomplish something without any sense of timeline is just of a wish. Take some time over these next five day to sit down and write down three to five goals you want to check off throughout next year. Doesn’t need to be anything drastic, just something you can hold yourself accountable for.

  1. Finish my first SuperSprint triathlon – August, 24
  2. Be invited to a fit festival. (Hello, Michelob Ultra Fit Fest)
  3. Schedule two photo shoots highlighting my physical journey. (secrets)
  4. Establish my position in the health and wellness space.
  5. Travel to at least 1 new foreign country by December 25th.

2019 Intentions – Instead of a New Year resolutions, I set intentions. This allows me to focus on an area of growth every day versus feeling like a complete failure if I don’t hit the mark. Actions with a purpose manifest goals!

  1. Challenge myself physically in unfamiliar spaces.
  2. Continue to say “yes” to new experiences and ”no” to those that do not serve my values, passions, and vision.
  3. Deep dive into my passions: more foods, more training, more discovery.
  4. Put less pressure on myself to perform and give myself more time to enjoy the world.
  5. Do not waste time or energy on anyone/thing that takes more than it gives.

Looking forward to sharing my journey!


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