Another Trip Around the Sun

When I originally started this post, summer was just winding down and a cool breeze had just begun to greet me during my morning commute. Well, it’s now January 17, 2019, and there is a single-digit low predicted this weekend. Great. Clearly, time has gotten away from me but the motto of my life, better late than never! Another year has come and went – including my 20’s apparently because ya girl turned 29 last Monday – which has put me in this eyes-wide-open state; strictly critiquing the ROI (Return On Investment – another work pluuuggg) of my energy output. Looking back, I spent a lot of time last year giving energy in the support of others and their passions. There wasn’t an event I’d miss or nothing I’d spare to let someone know I was available to be their rock. Unfortunately, this inherent giving largely impacted the attention I gave my passions. Point in case, the current state/inconsistent blog posting as a result of my energy imbalance.  

When I began seriously building my blog – I’ll be honest – it was for me. I had been going through a tough period and desperately needed a space to mind dump but during this transitional time, two things happened, (1) I came across some dope content which helped me have MANY eye-opening moments which I felt compelled to share with others, and (2) In sharing my experiences, I quickly realized I was not alone. And it is this community which continues to fuel me. For 2019, I will keep sharing my story in hopes of inspiring anyone who finds my experience relatable, inspiration or even comical – I’m hilarious in my own mind – to empower and encourage others to harness the feasibility of creating their own reality. Last year, much of my content shed light on the personal struggles I was unpacking and the lessons learned. This year will be no different. I will bare my soul to all those who are interested and most importantly, to myself.

Writing has always served as an emotional release and in times of spinning, unfortunately, it’s the first thing that goes. So, I’ve had to literally schedule a time to create content and work on building the other areas of Fit & Full. And y’all best believe I have a TON OF CONTENT to share. Just have to strap me to a chair for a few hours. The best approach I could think to share these life gems I’ve stumbled across is by giving each month a theme/topic to dive into from different angles. With the beginning of a new year, I thought what better to talk about than mindfulness and awareness! New year, everyone has a clean slate. Let’s take advantage of these feelings of renewal and set ourselves up for success for the remaining 11 months. But in order to do so, it’s important we reflect on previous lessons and where we could have done better for the future. So this post is a call to action.

Looking back, I can confidently say I’ve experienced tremendous change and growth. Most noted, the relationship I moved to the city with came to an end which put me in a position of, “So, now what?” Now, I’m not saying I didn’t have my own thing while I was in my relationship but y’all know how it is, especially my women readers. The time had come for me to learn about myself, by myself. It was a vulnerable time but in the BEST way, and, to continue my “short” posting format, here the 5 major lessons I learned in 2018.

1. Just, Shut Up – Whether it’s a disagreement, someone is correcting something you did, or a friend is sharing a story, not everything requires your personal experience, opinion or insight. We, as humans, have a need to be heard…which proves itself when we are already working through a response when receiving information we feel the need to respond to. Well, please don’t. You will learn so much more about the person you’re interacting with and GROW from not responding where it is not necessary. Sometimes listening and adjusting is the best thing to do. It’s not always about YOU.

2. Roommates Are Overrated – I moved to Chicago with three roommates, which went down to two and is now just solo dolo. Having roommates can be wonderful and certainly has it’s financial benefits, but I STRONGLY URGE everyone to spend more time alone. Sit with your thoughts – that does not mean with your phone in your hand. Learn things the hard way – like how to properly cut a sweet potato without slicing your finger off…guilty. Console yourself during rough times…you will learn you are OK. You capable of leading a beautiful life on your own and then, if you chose, someone will cross your path to share that journey.

3. Commit to Challenges – Last May, I embarked on a physical journey I didn’t honestly know if I could keep; 100 Miles of Summer. Between May and August, I logged over 100 running miles. I am by no means runner but my favorite way to explore a new city is by foot and that’s exactly what I did. Some days I experienced that “runner’s high”everyone raves about, other days I thought my kneecaps were going to explode away from my legs but regardless, I saw it through. The final 2-3 miles I finished in my second home, Knoxville, in the parking lot of the gym I achieved some of my greatest athletic accomplishments. That single moment made it all worth it.

4. Take Risks – Cliche but true. There is no growth and no life in playing it safe. 2018 taught me to GET OUT THERE and in doing so, I had some incredible experiences with even more incredible people. People who I connected with instantly as a result of being honest with myself and staying authentic.

5. Chase the Sun – We only have only life to live. Please know I am not encouraging people to burn the candle at both ends but when you have the opportunity, maximize each moment, each day. Because if you don’t, you won’t get it back. So might as well make sure it counts!

Be love. Be light.


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