No, I didn’t move back to Cleveland…

Life has a sick way of knocking you on your ass all at once. The past month has truly been a series of unfortunate events, starting with my best friend losing a family member, only to be immediately followed by my mother’s rapid progression of her disease coupled with having to stay emotionally stable as the three year anniversary of my father’s unexpected death came and went ALL THE WHILE Mercury decided to be the ULTIMATE DICK and take it’s spin backwards (retrograde) which, by guidance of Co-Star astrology, had my Sex & Love reading in an epic tailspin. SO, ya girl was in a HEAVY, fogged head space these past few weeks and there was no shot I was going to be able to put together any cohesive thoughts together last month because I’m still trying to process my mom has brain cancer.

The onset of her disease was incredibly rapid. At the beginning of February, she was lapping Disney World and by February 28th she could barely walk or speak. We soon found out her cancer – which she’d been battling since 2012 – had made it’s way to her brain. Shock and anger are the only words I can use to describe how I’ve felt in the past few weeks. Shocked of how quickly circumstances can make a complete 180 and F*CKING PISSED (honest feelings) that my mom has been tasked an uphill fight, the size of Mt. Everest, for her life…a climb that has already experienced all of the struggle and triumphs you hear about the climb. But, as a true testament to her spirit and love for her family, she’s never complained…never lost her sass and never gave up. She’s fought with all she’s got and will continue to do so.

So no, I didn’t move to Cleveland but I have been in The Land through my mom’s treatment and now, her recovery. Personally, it’s been a challenging, confusing, and highly emotional past few weeks. I’ve kept quiet as to not draw attention but greatly appreciate family and friends who’ve kept us in their thoughts/prayers and send their best wishes. Please continue to think of us…and let me know if you want to brunch at Townhall. 😘

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