March Gladness

Closing out the first quarter with the return to the blog! Hello, fellow reader! For those of you new to my blog, welcome! What started off as a place to dump all the thoughts that run rampant through this brain has become a reminder of my inability to pause. Writing for me has always been a safe space to express myself – I low-key have a journal library – but over the past year I’ve pulled away from writing in all forms. Admittedly, the resistance to simply sit my butt down is really just not wanting to accept my current reality, which very proudly shows itself during still moments. But, we can’t run from our brain and if there’s one thing I know about thoughts is better out that in. And thus, here we are! (not sure what I mean by “mind dump”? Check out my first post, Why Fit & Full: The Inception)

Now back to what has me excited; the month of March! It’s kicks off season of abundance! So much of my perspective and reality has been stuck in a position of lack that I am excited to celebrate the return and rebirth of vibrant life — or at least we can hope for Spring’s early return here in Chicago. *fingers crossed* I don’t know if it’s the return of sunshine at the early morning hours that’s really got me jazzed but I seem to always feel a renewed sense of self and gratitude that I want to shout from the rooftops, or my story. 😉

Introducing, March Gladness! First let me state, this idea is not mine. Cardz for Kidz is “an internationally recognized charitable organization that spreads hope, joy & magic to hospitalized kids across America through uplifting, handmade cards.” Throughout the month of March, they partner with universities for a March Madness-style card making effort; aka March Gladness. In learning the mission and vision of this organization, the overall theme of “joy” spoke directly to my current mantra: May I allow myself to be Joy

It’s really easy to get swallowed by the “meh” “ugh” “fck this” life waves. Like REALLY easy. I’m talking about big ones that sit back in the deep water collecting energy that always seem to find their way to shore — usually crashing — at the least preferred moment. The literal displays of the ebbs and flows of life. It, life that is, happens to ALL of us but I’ve found power in knowing I have two options; (1) Drown or (2) Figure out not only how to swim to the surface but tread water. If I’m being honest with myself, I’ve spent the last year with my foot tied to a boulder, drowning. Now, of course I’ve shown myself grace throughout my grieving but an unhealthy amount of my thoughts lived in the path of a perpetually crashing low-vibration wave. Straight up, I’ve been depressed and totally in denial since exactly this time last year when I heard the words “brain cancer” leave my moms doctor’s mouth and again had my life uprooted but for this time; forever changed. I still have days when all I want to do is cry in bed and blame the world but I’ve decided to no longer let that hurt sit at the driver seat. Mostly because my mom would be SO ANNOYED if she knew I was moving through the world “moping” – her words, not mine. haha – but also because in choosing to sit in joy, I place faith in the plan the Divine has created for me and thus; trust in my purpose. 

All of that to say, for the month of March I am focusing my energy on embodying joy and celebrating “gladness”. The sweet moments, both big and small, that elevate our daily experience, make us feel seen, give us the warm fuzzies…all of that gooood stuff! In recognition of shared human experience, I invite you to join me and share your #mymarchgladness moments, thoughts, and gratitude! Write it down, connect with your tribe, share it on social media (don’t forget to tag @fitandfullbykayla).

Let’s strive to live a little lighter for a brighter existence.

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