Welcome to Fit & Full, or what I like to call it, “an organized mind dump of my account of the human experience.” With so many blogs out there these days, I decided to stake claim in a small corner of the internet where I can share my journey as I navigate the world around me.


As the daughter of a former professional athlete, I was always surrounded by sports.Sports talk radio – gross – organized sports, non-organized sports, invented games, you name it I probably played at least once. I remember spending countless hours playing tag, kickball, red rover – it saddens me that some of the children today have no concept of what “street lights coming on” means – and forever challenging the boys to race me just to prove how fast I was. I took so much pride in my physical abilities. It wasn’t until middle school did I get involved with organized sports; volleyball. From the moment I saw my older sister play – because who doesn’t want to be like their older sibling – I knew it was a sport I’d pursue. And from there, the rest is history. I went on to be a four-year varsity member of my high school team, earning All-State and Regional MVP accolades. I earned a scholarship to the University of Tennessee where I proudly competed as a Lady Volunteer, achieving recognition both conference wide and nationally. After graduating from the University of Tennessee, I pursued a professional career for one season with LP Kangasala in Kangasala, Finland. A small town north of Helsinki and a few miles away from the second largest city in Finland, Tampere. It is in this part of my career, of my life, during those short eight months across the pond, in the sleepy town of Kangasala did I have the opportunity to slow down – professional volleyball life gives you LOTS of free time – and discover me. Discover who Kayla is and where her passions lie. I quickly learned there were three things that excited me and brought me joy: Fitness, Food and the love of travel.

Fast forward four years later and a whirlwind of life events – we’ll touch on that later, Fit & Full was born.

Professional Bio

The majority of my experience revolves around my volleyball career. I attended the University of Tennessee, played professionally for LP Kangasala and spent two seasons as an assistant coach at the University of Cincinnati. I am not ACSM, ACE, NASM, or NSCA certified. I do not have a minor in psychology. The best I can do is maybe save a life with the limited CPR knowledge I can recall from one of my Master’s classes (working to get this renewed because some should know how to save lives in every group). With that being said, this blog is a personal space for me. A place where I can share my experiences, thoughts and delights with anyone who’s looking to dig deeper into themselves and the world around them.

Everything written here is of my own account, I hope you enjoy.♥