FOOD. It nourishes us, it serves as a source of community around the holidays, it has the power to debilitate us but also the ability to give our souls a big hug. An ongoing delicate dance between what we want to eat and what we SHOULD eat. I’ll be honest, I struggle with my relationships with food. How to balance maintaining a healthy diet that supports my active lifestyle while living in a city that has an entire summer agenda surrounding the celebration of food where it’s pizza- jury is still out on who has the best Deep Dish- or one of my arch nemesis, doughnuts. Let me paint a picture for you, on my daily commute to work I am tested. And I mean TESTED. From the moment I walk off the train I’m confronted with two donuts shops, one actually inside of the station, and have to drool over fresh baked pastries being prepared for the morning rush at Eataly before walking into my building lobby only to be engulfed by the smell of the signature Garrett’s Popcorn mix. THERE IS A GARRET’S POPCORN CONNECTED TO MY BUILDING! Talk about temptation. ALL THE WHILE focusing on the bowl of Greek yogurt with homemade granola and berries I have waiting for me at my desk. The struggle is real y’all.

Life is all about balance. Balancing work, relationships, vices, obsessions. To invest all of our time and energy into one area of our lives creates immense imbalances. I am not a restrictive eater, I do not adhere to a limiting diet. I partake in a cookie, or three, every now and but I also listen to my body. Eating healthy makes me feel good. I find delight in healthy alternatives to my favorite treats, having come across some pretty incredible recipes along the way, and love surprise people with how good healthy can taste. It doesn’t have to always been refined sugar and thick breads…although I do love both seeing how I just described a doughnut.

I want to use this space to highlight the best of both worlds. The perceived “good” the perceived “bad” and all the mouthwatering, delectable treats in-between. I’ll be sharing my favorite Chicago Eats and blogger recipes for you to try…Instagram (photos only) style!

Pull up a seat, grab a napkin and get ready to get your drool on.