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I Am Kayla Jeter

Welcome to Fit & Full, or what I like to call it, “an organized mind dump of my account of the human experience.” With so many blogs out there these days, I decided to stake claim in a small corner of the internet where I can share my journey as I navigate the world around me.



I’ve read a lot of books, I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts, and I’ve taken LOTS of screenshots of some gooood words of wisdom. Now it’s time to give all this knowledge I’ve acquired it’s own space because ya girls’ mind is approaching capacity!


As a fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiast, I am frequently asked about my training regimen and nutrition. I hope by sharing this information you too will feel empowered to dig deeper to living a more Fit and Full lifestyle.


OOD. It nourishes us, it serves as a source of community around the holidays, it has the power to debilitate us but also the ability to give our souls a big hug. An ongoing delicate dance between what we want to eat and what we SHOULD eat.

“We as humans, are not surgeons, we are farmers. We are trying to create the right soil for change, not merely intervene.”
— Dr. Ross Ellenhorn

My Latest And Greatest

March Gladness

Closing out the first quarter with the return to the blog! Hello, fellow reader! For those of you new to my blog, welcome! What started off as a place to dump all the thoughts that run rampant through this brain has become a reminder of my inability to pause. Writing for me has always been

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Talk Soon…✌🏽

The truth is, I’ve found myself too tired for words these past few months. Too tired to unpack everything that’s happened this year, good and bad. I’ve hit E on energy output which has also ran my creative tank dry. I’ve entered a state of being, just moving aimlessly through each day…just maintaining to get

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Root to Rise

Before I jump into the story of my life since May 1st, I have to confess I’ve written this post at least five times, five different ways and lost attention and energy to continue in every single attempt…including last week when I had every intention of posting buuut again drifted away my desire. Haha. To

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First Quarter In Review

April – and Mother Nature’s indecisive weather playing with my emotions on the daily – done came and went, putting the first quarter of 2019, now five days behind us. Um, WHAT?! Reflecting on all of the happenings this past month, it’s fair to say I was living in a black hole of intense INTROSPECTION

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